Ritual Happy Feet 


75 min | 300 pln


Refreshing foot ritual with scrub, mask and foot reflexology. For tired, swollen feet, which at the same time has therapeutic and healing properties.

 Foot reflexology


60 min | 250 pln

Pass for 3 treatments | 690 pln

Pass for 5 treatments | 1000 pln

Foot reflexology is a type of therapeutic and relaxing massage, derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. This technique is based on the assumption that internal organs and individual parts of the body are associated with specific areas on the surface of the foot. Pressing the right places leads to a significant improvement in the functioning of the body's organs, which can be felt after the first treatment. The technique is extremely effective for all people who have long-term health problems. Reflexology, thanks to properly selected compressions, stimulates and stimulates the organs, restoring their efficiency. In addition to the health aspect, it also has a relaxing effect and restores balance. Reflexology is not only a treatment for people struggling with, for example, tired feet, but also problems with the circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems.

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45 min | 230 pln


Ayurvedic ritual with warm sesame oil, including massage of the head, neck and shoulders. Perfect for the scalp and hair. He focuses his attention on relaxing the muscles of the neck, nape and head. It restores energy balance, calms and deeply relaxes. It relieves tensions

Classic warm oil massage 


60 min | 280 pln


Sensational relaxes tired and tense muscles and eliminates their soreness. Hot oil helps relax muscles and helps improve circulation.

Help your back  


45 min |  230 pln   


Therapeutic back, shoulder and neck massage. Combines several different massage techniques. It regenerates tense muscles and helps in relieving spasms and pain in specific parts – Therapeutic massage.

Aromatherapy massage  


60 min |  280 pln


Aromatherapy massage performed with the use of essential oils, which combines the healing power of touch with the individual properties of oils. It also brings physical and mental relaxation. Recommended for people who, in addition to the beneficial effects of massage, like the aroma sensations of aromatherapy – Therapeutic massage.

Relaxing Shea butter massage  


60 min | 250 pln


Intensively moisturizing massage, recommended for people struggling with dry skin. Relaxing massage, thanks to which, apart from the aspect, it has a skin regenerating effect.

Hot stone massage  


60 min | 260 pln


Hot stone massage has a therapeutic effect. It promotes relaxation and regeneration. Its action boils down to relieving all kinds of muscle aches and pains related to nervous tension. In addition, the warmed up aromatic stones loosen all tensions without the need for intense pressure and deeply warm the full body.

Bamboo massage   


60 min |  260 pln


Bamboo massage is an oriental and therapeutic technique for deep tissue massage. Bamboo massage affects muscle relaxation and complete relaxation. It allows you to rest and discharge negative voltage. If you suffer from chronic stress – Therapeutic massage.




75 min | 300 pln     

90 min | 350 pln


A perfect combination of a relaxing and classic massage of the full body, feet, head and face. Performed on warm oil with aromatherapy, which it introduces a deep state of relaxation. Perfect for anyone who needs to relax their mind during one treatment and relax tired muscles. Return is our company massage, which is the most recommended massage by our therapists. 


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