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You & Me ritual 


120 min | 1200 pln


You and Me is a package designed to celebrate moments together. We start with a sugar scrub of the whole body, which exfoliates the epidermis in the first phase and prepares it for the next stage, which is a regenerative full body massage. Thanks to the mixed technique, it is an ideal relaxing and therapeutic massage. It will relax the mind and relax tense ones

The third stage is a face treatment tailored to the needs of the skin with the use of natural ingredients thanks to which the skin regains its glow. The ritual is complemented by a relaxing head massage.

Regenerating Ritual   


120 min | 600 pln


Sugar peeling of the whole body, leaving the skin velvety at the very beginning of the treatment. Nourishing massage with shea butter. A treatment for the face, neck and neckline adjusted to the needs of the skin. The ritual ends with an Indian head massage, a perfect ritual for relaxing the muscles, deeply moisturizing and improving the condition of the skin.

Ritual Refreshing Lemon Grass 


 90 min | 380 pln


Relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders and back, pressure head massage, regenerative face massage, neck and neckline, refreshing treatment for tired feet.

Energizing Chilli & Orange Ritual   


90 min | 380 pln


Vigorous exfoliation based on pelleting with the addition of chilli, warming up occlusion on the body, moisturizing the full body massage on shea butter with the addition of orange, relaxing head massage.

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