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Holistic therapies



~ 90 min / 270 pln


Access Bars® is an energetic process that frees you from beliefs-blockades, accumulated points of view and decisions.

An Access Bars® session opens up new possibilities, opens up abundance, and teaches the body to receive. We can literally change your whole life with just one session!

During the session, we release the tension from 32 Bars energy located on the head in which beliefs and mental programs causing blockages are established. They limit our ability to create reality. The release of the charge allows the mind to clear unnecessary patterns, which causes us to start functioning differently. The "emptied" point is no longer a barrier to the flow of energy. Due to the release of accumulated tensions, a sobriety of mind appears (also in the case of taking psychotropic drugs).

The body has more energy and strength to act, resistance to stress and disease increases. In short, we reset the mind and throw out unnecessary garbage and viruses.

The Bars® session has a positive effect, above all, on the well-being and belief in one's own abilities. It helps you get out of depression, lows, anxiety and problems, make important decisions, change what needed to be changed (often for a long time). Positive effects appear in many areas: financial, creativity, happiness, health, sexuality, communication, joy of life, gratitude.



~ 90 min / 350 pln


Massage with intention is a ritual that combines several techniques of relaxing massage and work with energy.

A remarkable introduction to a deep state of relaxation and rest for the body and mind. We follow the energy and what the body says.

It is an individual ritual for each person. Performed on natural warm oil with relaxing sounds with the intention of the person being massaged. Extremely pleasant, relaxing and relaxing. The ritual is performed in the coherence of the heart.

During the massage, we release emotions and tensions in the body as well as all stress. It is a massage performed from the heart for the full acceptance of another human being in the flow of energy, respect and abundance. It binds the body and soul together. It soothes the crowds of thoughts, relaxes tense muscles and puts you in a deep state of relaxation. The body recovers vitality and health, and we regain inner peace and lightness.



~ 20 minutes / 50 pln


Medicine cups have a long, ancient origin (they were used in China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece), in Poland they were widely used until the mid-20th century for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Over the next several decades, they were associated more with quackery. Currently, with the growing interest in natural medicine, their popularity has increased.

The action of the medicine cupping is due to the activation of the immune system to fight the subcutaneous micro-injuries that occur in the place where they are placed.

A vacuum is created in the bulb, causing small blood vessels to burst and the blood to extravasate.

Blood from such a subcutaneous haemorrhage is treated by the immune system as a foreign protein, which stimulates it to act.

There is an increase in the concentration of antibodies in the blood, they make their way to the site of the alleged infection, and because they do not encounter any pathogens there, they begin to fight the infection that is going on nearby. Hence, it is so important to skillfully choose the place of the bubbles to the place where the inflammation takes place.

Medicine cupping is most often used to treat upper and lower respiratory tract infections:







Less commonly used in the event of


joint diseases

back pains

cardiovascular diseases