75 min | 350 pln


Non-surgical lifting massage of the face, neck and neckline. Intensive massage aimed at stimulating the skin and muscles, thanks to which we can see a clear improvement in skin density. Massage nourishes and tones the skin. It is perfect for young skin in need of refreshing and for mature skin as a rejuvenating massage.

Cosmolifting Massage


90 min | 400 pln


Japanese cosmo face lifting is a holistic rejuvenation treatment developed by Lone Sorensen, which non-invasively smoothes wrinkles, improves facial oval and makes the face radiant. By stimulating points and zones on the face, it has a deep effect on the tissues, stimulating the natural regeneration processes of the face and the entire body. The treatment stimulates the process of removing toxins, tones and firms the skin, minimizes fine lines and reduces deep wrinkles, helps eliminate discolorations and acne, and also has a brightening and refreshing effect on the complexion.The essence of Japanese facial cosmolifting is manual muscle massage and stimulation of traditional facial acupressure points combined with deep lifting and lymphatic drainage. Japanese face lifting is the only facial massage that, in addition to its cosmetic and aesthetic effects, has a beneficial health effect on the entire human body. The method has been recognized by the World Health Organization

Men's Care 


 45 min | 300 pln


A revitalizing treatment for men that focuses on cleansing the skin and removing dead epidermis as well as active ingredients that restore a healthy appearance and hydration.

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 50 min | 350 pln


A soothing treatment for the face, neck and cleavage recommended for sensitive, atopic skin with active erythema and broken capillaries. It restores the physiological balance and increases the skin's resistance. It acts as a soothing compress, provides long-lasting comfort, hydration and regeneration. It reduces irritation, redness, flaking and the feeling of dryness. It strengthens and calms the blood vessels.

Skin Superfood 


  50 min | 350 pln


A multivitamin bomb for all skin types that need energy, nutrition and support in the fight against oxidative stress. Especially recommended for people working in air-conditioned rooms and smokers. It cares for tired, deprived of vitality and dehydrated skin, restoring its healthy and radiant appearance.

Face treatment

Anti Ageing


 75 min | 400 pln


An original treatment for the face, neck and décolleté with a head massage. Revitalizes, smoothes, renews the skin, smoothes it and gives it a radiant look. Supports skin repair processes. Skin Return is a combination of revitalizing massage, exfoliation with chemical acids and natural active ingredients for the good of the skin.


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