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Return 75min | 250 pln / 90min 300 pln

A perfect combination of a relaxing and classic massage of the full body, feet, head and face. Performed on warm oil with aromatherapy, which it introduces a deep state of relaxation. Perfect for anyone who needs to relax their mind during one treatment and relax tired muscles. Return is our company massage, which is the most recommended massage by our therapists. We recommend the longer version 90 min.


 Natural lava shells massage from the Philippines 60min | 250 pln

Warming massage with natural shells from the Philippines. Massage with LAVA shells brings all the benefits of heat: it relaxes, relaxes, fights against general tension. Thanks to the use of unique, relaxing warm oils, LAVA shell massage is an unforgettable experience. A luxurious treatment combining aromatherapy and heat therapy in one treatment.


Bamboo massage 60min | 230 pln

Bamboo massage is an oriental and therapeutic technique for deep tissue massage. Bamboo massage affects muscle relaxation and complete relaxation. It allows you to rest and discharge negative voltage. If you suffer from chronic stress – Therapeutic massage.


Hot stone massage 60min | 230 pln

Hot stone massage works physiotherapy. It is conducive to rest and regeneration. Its effect is to alleviate all types of muscle aches and pains associated with nervous tension.


Candle massage 60min | 220 pln

Candle massage will certainly appeal to all fans of massage oils and the magical atmosphere that candles give. For massage, candles made of 100% natural ingredients are used. A candle massage is a combination of magic of touch, warmth and aroma that will allow you to relax completely.


Shea butter massage 60min | 180 pln

Intensively moisturizing massage, recommended for people struggling with dry skin. Relaxing massage, thanks to which, apart from the aspect, it has a skin regenerating effect.


Gold massage 60min | 200 pln

Luxurious revitalizing massage with golden oil, improving the appearance of the skin. Tones, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.


Aromatherapy massage 60min |220 pln

Aromatherapy massage performed with the use of essential oils, which combines the healing power of touch with the individual properties of oils. It also brings physical and mental relaxation. Recommended for people who, in addition to the beneficial effects of massage, like the aroma sensations of aromatherapy – Therapeutic massage.


Help your back 45min | 190 pln

Therapeutic back, shoulder and neck massage. Combines several different massage techniques. It regenerates tense muscles and helps in relieving spasms and pain in specific parts – Therapeutic massage.


Classic warm oil massage 60min | 220 pln

Sensational relaxes tired and tense muscles and eliminates their soreness. Hot oil helps relax muscles and helps improve circulation.


Aromatic relaxing massage 60min | 200 pln

Relaxing massage is a calm and gentle full body massage. Despite the mild form, it causes a very deep state of relaxation. Thanks to the aromatherapy used in the treatment, it is recommended especially for people with insomnia and to calm down.


HAPPY FEET  30 min | 150 pln

Refreshing foot treatment with peeling and massage. Perfect for tired and swollen legs and tired feet.



A gentle massage for the youngest and sweet fuit face treatment. Made on fruit products especially for young skin. Massage for children aged 10-14 years after prior consultation with the parent. NOTE: a parent or guardian must be present during the mass


Brand treatment for the face, neck and cleavage. A holistic ritual that will restore the skin to a healthy look in a natural way. Revitalizes, renews the skin, smoothes and gives it a radiant appearance. Supports skin repair processes. SKIN RETURN is a combination of revitalizing massage, acids peeling  and natural active ingredients for the good of the skin.

 75 min 320 pln


A nourishing face, neck and cleavage treatment based on natural active ingredients that focus on nourishing the skin lacking radiance, tired.

 60min 300 pln


A soothing face, neck and cleavage treatment recommended for sensitive, atopic skin with active reddening and broken capillaries. It strengthens the skin, soothes and moisturizes, bringing pleasant relief.

 60min 300 pln


A moisturizing face, neck and cleavage treatment for dry, sensitive skin that requires additional hydration and hydration. The treatment provides the skin with active ingredients that visibly moisturize the skin for a long time.

 60min 300 pln


A cleansing and normalizing treatment for combination and oily skin. Narrows the pores, cleanses and evens sebum production.

 60min 300 pln


A revitalizing treatment for men focusing on cleansing the skin and removing dead skin as well as active ingredients that restore healthy appearance and hydration.

 45min 250 pln

Luxury Amber Dust Ritua                                            90min |   350pln

A treatment with a subtle yet sensual scent. The treatment is recommended especially for women. Exfoliation of the full body with an amber peeling, deeply relaxing body massage, point head massage.



Energizing Chilli & Orange Ritual                            90min  |   350pln

Vigorous exfoliation based on pelleting with the addition of chilli, warming up occlusion on the body, moisturizing the full body massage on shea butter with the addition of orange, relaxing head massage.



Refreshing Lemon Grass Ritual                                   90min |    350pln

Relaxing neck and shoulder and back massage, compression head massage, regenerative face and neck cleavage massage, refreshing treatment for tired feet.


Regenerating Magnolia Ritual                                   110min |    550pln

Sugar body peeling, leaving velvety skin at the very beginning of the treatment. Nourishing massage on shea butter. A face and neckline facial treatment tailored to the needs of the skin. The end of the ritual is an Indian head massage. The perfect ritual for muscle relaxation, deep hydration and improvement of skin condition.


You & Me Ritual                                                                    120min |    1100pln (per two)

A treatment for two in a double room with a sauna. -More information in the SPA FOR TWO tab