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A perfect combination of a relaxing and classic massage of the full body, feet, head and face. Performed on warm oil with aromatherapy, which it introduces a deep state of relaxation. Perfect for anyone who needs to relax their mind during one treatment and relax tired muscles. Return is our company massage, which is the most recommended massage by our therapists.

We recommend for people who need to relax tired and stressed muscles and for people who need peace of mind.

This massage is a return to a state of relaxation.



Our brand treatment for the face, neck and neckline. A holistic ritual that will restore the skin to a healthy appearance in a natural way. Revitalizes, renews the skin, smoothes and gives it a radiant look. Supports skin repair processes. SKIN RETURN is a combination of revitalizing massage, exfoliation with chemical acids and natural active ingredients for the good of the skin.


AmberDust ritual for a luxurious treatment dedicated especially to women. A treatment using natural amber mined in Gdańsk. Supports the process of revitalization, drainage of skin hydration, rejuvenates and nourishes. In the initial phase, we perform an amber body peeling that smoothes and cleanses. The next stage is the original amber massage, which will soothe tired muscles and introduce deep relaxation. The treatment is complemented with a relaxing head massage.

We are an authorized by Amber Dust , the amber used in the treatment has been granted a certificate of authenticity so that you have a high-quality treatment.


A luxurious care and regeneration face and body ritual. Based on individual needs, it leaves positive memories for a long time.

The ritual begins with a full body scrub, which cleanses and moisturizes the skin at the beginning, the next stage is an hour-long massage of the whole body in shea butter. It introduces a state of deep muscle relaxation, relaxes them and nourishes the skin thanks to the vitamins contained in shea butter. The next stage is a facial and neck treatment tailored to the needs of the skin. The end of the procedure is an Indian head massage. Allow yourself to rest and regenerate.

Ayurvedic ritual with face, head, neck and shoulder massage with warm herbal / sesame oil.
According to Ayurveda, hedonism has prana, a subtle energy that controls and strengthens our senses, intelligence and, above all, the nervous system. The disturbance after the prana attempts causes a lockout by inducing voltage and stress. Massage restores the energy balance in the body. Calms, proof mind and body. Eliminates accumulated tension.