lider,holistic therapist

Retun SPA owner, wellness instructor, professional trainer. He loves mixed techniques, where he combines a holistic approach and individualism.



Co-owner of Return SPA, passionate about martial arts. Contact and smiling.

Paulina R.

cosmetologist, therapist

Nearly 10 years of experience in the industry. She sailed on 5 and 6 star passenger ships where she trained under the guidance of the best therapists from around the world. Specializes in facials and permanent makeup.


masseuse, therapist

SPA & WELLNES therapist. Passionate about massage since childhood. I love contact with the client. I am a person full of energy and very helpful.


therapist, instructor

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk with a specialization in biological regeneration. He believes that nothing is impossible, for Bartek your soul and body will regenerate.



Technician, masseur, beginner therapist with extensive knowledge and openness to learning


chiropractic, trainer

Manual therapist, chiropractic, physiotherapist, lifeguard, rescue and search dog guide. Passionate about clavitherapy, multi-needle applicators and other novelties, which, combined with massage, significantly accelerate recovery. She is the author of BLOG on a daily basis


receptionist SPA

SPA receptionist. Very energetic and ready for action.

Paulina S.

receptionist SPA

SPA receptionist. Calm and always smiling. Clients love her approach. She likes contact with people and the SPA atmosphere